Hispanic Heritage Month - 2023

"WCW" - Women Celebrating Women

Northeast Women in Public Finance would like to highlight and acknowledge accomplished Hispanic Women all over our industry who continuously crush goals and glass ceilings. This is our small way to celebrate the contributions of some of the extraordinary Hispanic Women who everyone should know.



Vice President
Senior Credit Officer
Public Finance Group
Moody's Investors Service

About me:

I’m currently a Vice President – Senior Credit Officer in Moody’s San Francisco Office. My portfolio includes local government credits primarily in California including large cities, counties, enterprise systems, and school districts.

I serve as a rating committee chair on credits nationally for local governments, manage my team’s surveillance process and I have a dedicated role of training and mentoring analysts on my team.

I began my career in public finance in 2005 after networking with Moody’s Head of Public Finance at a business school conference hosted at Columbia University. At that time, I was a college admissions officer for Columbia University and I was interested in making a career change.

Long story short, I was offered a job as an associate analyst in Moody’s public finance group in New York and I’ve now been working in the industry for about 18 years (14 of which have been at Moody’s). I am part of Moody’s “boomerang club”, returning in 2014 after working as a buy-side muni analyst at a large investment bank and a Vice President at a boutique financial advisory practice.

On being a Hispanic woman in this industry:

It means that I have the opportunity to support and encourage other Latinas! There have been key women in my career that have provided tremendous support and I believe in doing the same for others. In addition, I have great pride in my Mexican heritage, which influences my perspective and contributions at work. I think this is an added value that supports diversity.

Fun Fact:

I LOVE soccer! And I enjoy coaching my boys’ soccer teams (currently U-12 and U-14).

Favorite advice:

“Lazy people work twice as hard.” (my grandma)



Assistant Vice President
Infrastructure Credit Analyst

Moody's Investors Service


About me:

I am a credit analyst at Moody’s Investors Service working on the Corporate Utilities team covering regulated electric, natural gas and water utilities as well as unregulated power companies in North America.

I started at Moody’s, right after graduate school, in the US Public Finance Group covering local government credit.

On being a Hispanic woman in this industry:

As a “first generation” person in more ways than one, I am extremely proud to be a Latina woman in finance. Hispanic/Latinos represent less than 15% of the finance industry workforce, and, historically, Hispanic/Latinos were asked to assimilate and leave behind, or tone down, our culture in hopes of a good job opportunity and career advancement.

Today, as we celebrate the achievements of Hispanic/Latinos in the US throughout all sectors, I am excited to be able to bring my whole self to every room I enter without fear of it being used against me or cost me an career opportunity; a privilege I do not take lightly. We have much work ahead of us, still, and I am honored to be part of the change that is happening nationwide.

There are more opportunities for women than ever before. I am thrilled to be able to stand on the shoulders of the women that came before me and make room for more Latinas and other women of color in finance.

Favorite advice:

Consistency and perseverance are highly under rated and when practiced daily, there is no limit to your achievements.



Associate Director
Community Development and Social Lending
Fitch Ratings, Inc.


About me:

I am an Associate Director in Fitch Ratings' Community Development and Social Lending (CDSL) group where I enjoy analyzing a portfolio of public and private ratings for community development financial institutions, state housing finance agencies, affordable housing loan programs, military housing projects, and other similar credits. 

Prior to joining Fitch in 2018,  I was a rating analyst on S&P Global Ratings’ affordable housing team for 7 years where I worked on affordable housing credits, structured finance and large-scale projects.

On being a Hispanic woman in this industry:

It can be overwhelming (and humbling) to be one of a small percentage of Hispanic women in the industry. It is very gratifying that my contribution is acknowledged and valued. I’m incredibly grateful to those who mentored and/or contributed to my professional development.

Fun Fact:

I used to crochet with my grandmother when I was a little girl. I still know how. 

Favorite advice:

Quiet imposter syndrome, stay encouraged and walk confidently. My skill-set, voice and perspective are needed.



Managing Director, Municipal Bond Portfolio Manager
JP Morgan Chase & Co.


About me:

I started my career at Bear Stearns as a trader on the short term muni desk. After attending Columbia Business School and a short time at Lebenthal Asset Management, I joined JP Morgan as a portfolio manager on a new team that was building customized municipal SMAs (separately managed accounts).

Today we manage over $43B in assets and work closely with the larger muni team at JP Morgan Asset Management.

On being a Hispanic woman in this industry:

I grew up on the US-Mexico border so it wasn’t until I arrived in New York and worked on Wall Street that I understood that being Hispanic was “different”. Despite this difference, I have always worn my heritage as a badge of honor. As Co-Chair of the Hispanic Leadership Forum for JPM Asset and Wealth Management, it is my mission to look for ways to continue to elevate our community, which lacks representation at senior levels.

Fun fact:

I am a big Formula 1 fan, thanks to my 10 year old son!

Favorite advice:

I admire Simon Sinek and one of his nuggets of wisdom includes:  “Relationships are the foundation of accomplishment," which I think applies to all areas of life.

Managing Director
US Public Finance
S&P Global Ratings


About me:

As a Managing Director in the US Public Finance group focusing on local governments, I manage a talented team of diverse analysts. I started my career at S&P in 2007 as an analyst with the Higher Education team.

I'm proudly a jack of all trades and S&P has afforded me the opportunity to try new things. I’ve enjoyed the analytics and apply the same enthusiasm to learning how to manage people.

On being a Hispanic woman in this industry:

Representation matters. Being one of the few Latinas in public finance, it’s important for me to hire a diverse team of analysts that represent many of the diverse communities we rate. I’ve been fortunate to work at a firm where I’ve always had either a woman or a person of color as a manager. Seeing their success and having their support made me believe in myself.  I firmly believe in paying that forward!

Fun fact:

I'm a Disney enthusiast and have traveled to all the parks of the world. More than anything, I'm fascinated by their approach to innovation and customer service philosophy.

Favorite advice:

“Grit depends on a different kind of hope. It rests on the expectation that our own efforts can improve our future. I have a feeling tomorrow will be better is different from I resolve to make tomorrow better.”—Angela Duckworth, Grit.